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123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Printer Setup

123.hp.com/envy9018 setup install wireless driver

  • HP Officejet Pro 9018 is the All in One printer with more features and services.
  • HP highly recommends user to install the printer driver for the model described.
  • The software can allow 123.hp.com/ojpro9018 printer to print, scan, wireless print, mobile print, fax, and more.
  • The suitable hpdriver will boost the printer efficiency and features in all aspects.

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup


123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 First Time Printer Setup

Step 1: Unboxing the printer

  • On the neat desk, place the printer parcel. Get off the straps and tapes which creating a protective layer around the printer box.
  • Find the necessary attachments such as 123.hp.com/ojpro9018 printer accessories and instruction booklet. Collect the protective straps and flush it in the trash box

Step 2: Installation of Ink Cartridges

  • Contribute steady power connection to the printer with the included printer cord. Separate the ink cartridges from the pack and keep it.
  • Push the cartridge into the separate place provided and cover the ink area.

Step 3: Load Enough Papers

  • Your hp 9018 printer should stay in the idle position while inserting paper in the input tray.
  • Then, arrange the paper according to the capacity of the tray. Refer the printer manual to learn more about the paper types.

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123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Services


Your 123HP Officejet Pro 9018 printer embedded with ePrint service for the virtual printing. The ePrint mail address will help you print from anywhere with a click.


You can share files among HP Printers and Apple devices via AirPrint service when you want to take printouts of the specified files including photos, documents, and more.


Print from various web-connected devices using the Google Cloud Print. The only criteria for using the Cloud Print is that synchronize your Google account with the HP Printer.


Any user can download the newly released driver for the Print function after building the HP Printer. According to the needs, it prints a variety of files.


With many improved features, the HP Officejet Pro 9018 printer manages to take copies of your wish. Feed the original document on the automatic document feeder.


HP Ojpro 9018 printer Unlock the printer potential with the Scan service when connected to the devices.

123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Driver Installation

123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Driver Install For Windows

  • Connect the printer to the matching network using the USB or Wi-Fi connection.
  • For both methods, you need to follow a separate set of instructions.
  • The common steps are turning on 123.hp.com/ojpro9018 printer, positioning new ink cartridges, and stacking a bunch of papers.
  • For USB connection, connect the USB cable from the router to the printer and make use of the displayed instructions.
  • To setup, the computer on the Wi-Fi network, enable the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Wireless Setup Wizard is under the Setup or Network from where you can select.

123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Driver Install For Mac

  • Reconnect the HP Printer and Mac system to the stable active internet connection.
  • Follow the steps to connect the printing device to the available Mac computer.
  • The original driver for 123.hp.com/setup 9018 printer works perfectly with proven quality. Search by product code on the printer to choose from the variety of printer drivers.
  • HP is offering two methods for software download. One is Easy Start. The other one is downloading from support page directly.
  • Reach the driver and download page with the steps using the Web Browser.
  • The highly recommended search engine is Bing and Google Chrome.
  • Type the printer model number in the page and obtain the drivers you want.
  • Simply, download and install the printer driver that works well on your computer to carry printer services.

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HP Officejet Printer Important Models

123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Ink Cartridge Installation

Ink Cartridge Installation

  • The first step in the ink cartridge installation is the isolating the provided slots from the wrapper.
  • Keep the ink contacts free from any sharp material and do not touch for clutter-free installation.
  • Once the ink cartridges have set in the position, prepare the printer to accept new ink cartridges.
  • Try to open the ink carriage only after the printer is idle and noiseless.
  • Gently, flap 123.hp.com/ojpro 9018 printer’s upper lid to insert the ink cartridges in the slots.
  • Once opened, take the ink cartridge and fix it inside the slots.
  • The copper contacts of the cartridge should touch the copper side of the slot.
  • If wrongly placed, the printer panel will pop-up with the error message.
  • If placed in the right way, you will get the successful installation method.
  • By following the above steps, you have placed the ink cartridges faultlessly.

123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Wireless Mobile Printing

  • Pick the mobile phone that is compatible to activate the Wireless option on it.
  • For any Mobile Printing Services, you need the help of Web Services.
  • Activating the Web Services will provoke the necessary programs for the access of Mobile Printing Services.
  • You can use the instruction given in other section for provoking the Web Services.
  • If you are away from the printer, you can use the ePrint service for printing task.
  • If you have the Google Account signed in the computer, you can configure the Google account to 123.hp.com ojpro9018 Printer.
  • Google Cloud Print gives access to print the files from Cloud storage. Google Cloud Print can print the supported media types such as MS-Word, PDF, MS-Excel, Photos, and more.

123.hp.com/setup wireless install

123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Wireless Setup
Wireless Printer Setup For Windows
  • Confirm the primary setup connections for the HP Officejet pro 9018 printer with the easy steps.
  • Wireless Setup of 123.hp.com/ojpro9018 printer is viewable under the Network Setup option.
  • Research the option after clicking the Network Setup and select the Wi-Fi Direct or Wireless option.
  • Selection made based on the network is with available options.
  • It is well and good if we use Wireless Setup Wizard for the effortless printer network configuration.
  • You will be redirected to the network selection page where it displays the available printer network.
  • Choose the secured network option that asks password. Make note of the password and remember that network key is case sensitive.
Wireless Printer Setup For MAC
  • Obtain the service for your printer via Wireless Connection Setup.
  • The specified models of the printer work on wired and wireless connection.
  • You can reduce the clutter around your home when you use the Wireless setup for the printer.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network for which you know the password and network name.
  • Under the dock, choose the System Preference option.
  • Go through the hardware section to select the Print & Fax option.
  • Once selected, look at the plus symbol on the panel’s left side.
  • When you get the pop-up screen, click the IP section.
  • You can view the space for tying your printer’s IP address and name of the queue.
  • As a last move, choose 123hp officejetpro 9018 printer software under the Print Using option.
  • Once all the steps are in flow, your printer will add to Mac system with the Add option.

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123 HP Officejet Pro 9018 Troubleshooting

Unable to Print from a Mobile Device

  • Make sure the printer tethers to the mobile device with the activation of a steady internet connection.
  • Locate the Wi-Fi option on the smartphone from the notification area. The smartphone should show the Wi-Fi symbol on top of the screen.
  • Reboot the printer and mobile device to get the connection from the internet source.
  • The printer should have the router near to it and double-check the compatibility.

New Cartridge Not Working

  • Whenever you try to install the new ink cartridge in the ink path, remove the pink straps.
  • The pink strap prevents ink leakage from the ink cartridge. Remove that strap from the cartridge and keep it aside.
  • The blocked vent will not allow the ink cartridge to sit in the place. Clear the block with the pin.

HP Ojpro 9018 Printer Driver Problems

  • Check the launched driver for cross verifying the Operating System version.
  • If the printer shows up the error message, read it and confirm the next steps.
  • Remove the corrupted 123.hp.com/ojpro9018 printer driver from the download section of the folder.
  • If clearing the driver does not solve the issue, you can try other steps disused here.

Replace the ink cartridge / Low Ink Message

  • Your printer will indicate low ink on the cartridge when it reaches the least level.
  • The printer needs enough ink for the printing purpose. You can also check the ink level from the ink icon on the printer control panel.
  • You should click the Estimated Ink Levels from the printer control panel to know the least value for the printer ink level.