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123 HP Print Troubleshooting

  • In certain uncertain cases, the 123.hp.com printer might have some technical errors or might malfunction due to some minimal issues.
  • In such cases, we are here to extend our troubleshooting services to help you with fixing your printer and making it work like a brand new one.
  • We offer solutions for all printer related queries which involves issues with www hp com 123 printer drivers, software, downloads, installations, setup and furthermore.
  • You can either resolve your issue by reading through our simple and hassle-free instructions which would help you decide the issue with your 123.hp.com printer, or you can give out technically skilled experts a call and touch base with them to know about the befitting solution for your persistent issues

Changing Network Settings

  • Activate 123.hp.com/setup printer by connecting it to a power source. Open the wireless settings in the printer’s control panel or press on the WPS button if its available on your printer.
  • Select 123 hp wireless setup wizard from the listing of options produced on the display of the printer. The wireless setup wizard will display an array of available network connection names.
  • Select your preferred network’s name from the given menu of network names. If the name of your network does not show, type the network’s name in the Enter new name option available.
  • Enter the apt password for the selected network in order to complete the network association. Look for the wireless settings menu to proceed further in the procedure.
  • Gain access to the wireless network test report from the wireless network settings. Confirm the association of the network by referring to the produced report.

Print job stuck in print queue

  • Deactivate 123 HP printer by disconnecting the device from all the intact power connection cords. The print job might have produced this issue due to power outages.
  • Uninstall the printer driver for the respective printer that has installed into the computer and re-install the updated adaption of the printer driver software for the corresponding printing device.
  • Search for the printer and drivers option on the computer’s control panel and remove the printer’s name from the attached list. Reboot the computer after the reinstallation of the printer driver.
  • After the computer starts again, search for the print spooling option on the window service menu and click on the stop option available in the displayed menu.
  • Once the print spooling comes to a halt, link the printer and computer through a mutual network after deleting all the printer related files from the computer to gain a fresh start.

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Printer is Offline

  • Turn off the 123 HP printer by disconnecting all the cords that connect the printing device to an electrical source. Make sure that the printer is inactive.
  • Attach the printer’s power cable connections to the computer and turn the electronic device ON. Make sure that both the devices are connected to a mutual network connection.
  • Open the wireless direct connection menu found in the computer’s control panel in order to find out if there are any persisting issues with 123.hp.com/setup printer and to resolve it.
  • Go through the given guidelines to resolve the persisting issues and accomplish the process. Make sure to update the printer’s firmware regularly, so that hp printer stays up-to-date.
  • If the error persists even after the prior steps, search for the printers and devices option and allot the respective printer as the default printer by changing the corresponding settings.

Printhead Problem Error

  • Make sure that the inserted ink cartridge is compatible with 123 HP printer, if not insert a compatible ink cartridge. Incompatible ink cartridges might cause print head errors.
  • Switch the 123 HP printer OFF and open the ink cartridge access door. Lift up the carriage latch present inside and hoist the print head upwards without entirely disconnecting it.
  • Insert the print head back into the carriage by moving it from one side to the other in order to secure the printhead into the carriage. Close the carriage latch and cartridge access door.
  • If the problem persists, remove the ink cartridges from their slots and clean the contacts of the ink cartridge with a swab of lint-free cloth without causing any damage to the ink cartridges contacts.
  • Place the respective ink cartridges into their respective slots and make sure that they are secured in their respective places.

123 HP Wireless Troubleshooting

  • Restart the 123.hp.com printer, computer and the router by disconnecting all the power cord connections from the devices and reconnecting all the connections.
  • Make sure that your printer is connected to the mutual network, if not connect the printer to the mutual network by using the wireless setting option found on the printer’s control panel.
  • Also, make sure that your preferred computer is connected to the same network as that of the 123 HP printer. Mutual network connection is very essential for a proper wireless association.
  • Go to the wireless settings on your computer’s control panel and check if any changes have been made in your network settings or your printers and devices settings.
  • If so, make alterations in the settings in order to make the computer compatible to the printer and its settings. Undergo the installer’s instructions to accomplish the wireless network connection.