123 HP Wireless Printer Setup

Wireless setup is the advanced podium, to raise your improved handlings on printing through a simple and comfortable way of access using 123.hp.com printer on the connection. This is the place to wind-up their connecting wires aside for the effortless access to printing through the simple and smart move.

Steps To Setup Wi-Fi Direct and Wireless Direct

  • Initially, check the power and network connectivity before starting the wireless setup on your respective systems.
  • Further, make a move with the wireless direct option on the printer control panel for the users to easily get connected with www hp com 123 wireless printing works.
  • On the other hand, it’s the user’s wide choice to pick the options between Wi-Fi direct and wireless direct respectively.
  • After clicking the wireless direct or Wi-Fi direct option, wait a while for the process to move further on other settings.
  • Finally, enable the wireless direct or Wi-Fi direct option and by customizing the name of the network to access the embedded web server.

Steps to print from a wireless capable mobile that supports Wi-if direct.

  • Before starting the Wi-Fi direct option on your desired mobile devices, get well on connecting the system and printer to the strong and steady network and optimum power supply.
  • On the other hand, move with the instructions and guidelines while connecting 123 hp wireless setup initially.
  • Further, be prompt on getting connected with a stable network connection with reference to the settings.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi direct option on your connected mobile devices for the users to get the predominant access.
  • Now, it will search for 123 hp com printer support by searching the mode automatically. This makes the users to easily get connected with wireless through the single-step process.

123.hp.com wireless printer setup

Steps to setup wired network printer

  • Before starting the wired network settings on your 123 hp printer module, be prompt on connecting to the strong network and optimum power supply to withstand the progress successfully.
  • Grab the connecting wires for the users to get connected to the respective slots without getting delay or oscillation.
  • Try to take the Ethernet cable wires and fix it to the port of the Ethernet slot effectively.
  • Make sure your system is logged on with admin rights, and try to insert the driver manual drive.
  • Once the driver is effectively installed on your system, try to check the wired network connection.
  • If firmware settings are required, tap next option. Here, the setup is done.

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Steps to change network settings

Steps To Print Network settings

  • Before starting your network arrangements, get set with the printer properties and other alterations respectively.
  • Make a click on device and 123.hp.com/setup printer option on your respective system settings to get started with the network setup.
  • Once the devices and printer option is selected, tap add printer option to sync the printer module to the network.
  • Further, go with add network, printer option. Where it searches for the available 123 hp setup printer names on the box.
  • After the network name is recognized, get in touch with the other settings using next option.
  • Finally, share your printer details on the respective field to complete the network settings.

Steps To change IP settings

  • Check the type and model of 123.hp.com printer and system which is connected with for the reference purpose and alterations.
  • Make a move with your control panel settings and handlings through which the Ethernet network connection is modified with respect to the properties option.
  • Try to alter the internet protocol version, with reference to the system IP Address.
  • Once the setting is modified with reference to the system and other needs, get set with hp network setup alterations.
  • If at all, user unable to find any error on IP address, makes a try with the same procedure. This is to stay away from other issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print from a mobile device with HP wireless direct?

Using a mobile device for printing is a state of advanced handlings over the settings and setup. Just select the required data to be printed and get connected with the printer name on the search to print colorfully.

What is the difference between ‘HP wireless direct’ and ‘Wi-Fi Direct’?

HP wireless direct and Wi-Fi Direct features which permit your Wi-Fi capable devices like mobile, system and other devices. Whereas, the wireless network connects directly to the printer without using a wireless router or access point.

How do I print from a computer with wireless direct?

Check the requirements on your computer and printer with accordance to the data to be printed. Just enabling the wireless direct option and to get connected with the needed printer, in order to get splashy printing effortlessly.

Can I use HP wireless direct if my printer connects to my computer with a USB cable?

A wireless direct setup can be used during your printer is also connected to a wireless network or a USB cable. Here, the wireless direct settings are done effectively without using the router on the connection.