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123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Printer Setup

123.hp.com/ojpro8023 setup install wireless driver

HP Officejet Pro 8023 is a newly introduced device for users with extraordinary features. As per the design, the printer is capable of printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. The easy printer setup steps make it versatile among all the Officejet Pro 8023 Printer series. The user can print any type of documents after finishing the printer setup. No exclusive software or parts needed for the working of ojpro8023 printer. The compact size and design add sophistication to the surrounding as well as great value for the money.

  • Unleash the feature of the printer by setting up the printer and its accessories. For successful printing, you need to follow these easy steps.
  • Set 123.hp.com/ojpro8023 printer in a favourable environment that delivers the expected output or printouts.

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup


123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 First Time Printer Setup

Step 1: Unboxing the printer

  • Check the outer part of the printer box for tapes and stickers. Transfer all the components inside the printer box to the clean place.
  • Verify the dispatch list to confirm whether you have received all parts or not. Confirm 123.hp.com/ojpro8023 printer and its accessories status before fixing together.

Step 2: Installation of Ink Cartridges

  • Throw away the plasters that cover the ink cartridge to put inside the ink slots of the printer.
  • Clear hp ojpro8023 ink cartridges on the slots which are out of ink. Set down the new ink cartridges in the place to move forward.

Step 3: Load Enough Papers

  • With the suitably sized paper, fill hp officejet pro 8023 printer paper tray. Remember that the paper should be free from damage and wrinkle.
  • The inserted papers should rest on the edges of the tray so that it will cause disturbance while printing.

123.hp.com/setup 8023 printer setup

123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Services


For ePrint setup, you need to assign an email address and modify the network settings. It will allow the user to carry out distant printing tasks.


Assisting the iOS user to print the documents, HP introduced AirPrint service. It enhances the consistency of every print that you take using the AirPrint service.


The user has to create a Google account for registering the printer in the Cloud Print. Sign in to the Google Cloud and print the files that are available on the cloud storage.


Every printing task carried out by the HP Officejet Pro 8023 Printer uses the built-in driver or newly updated printer driver from the driver page.


Transfer the packet of electronic information into a paper using the Copy option of hp officejet 8023 printer.


Unlike the copy facility, you will get the scanned file stored on the destination folder which you can use for future use.

123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Driver Installation

123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Driver Install For Windows

  • The step for driver installation on the Windows computer is here with the guidance of our technician.
  • Remove the USB cable from the device will help in hp ojpro8023 driver installation. Go to the Windows taskbar and click on the Devices and Printers.
  • View the options, and scroll down to click Add a printer. A new window opens on the screen where you need to select Add a local printer.
  • For selecting the suitable port, click on Use an existing port. The drop-down list will have LPT1: (Printer Port).
  • Click on Next option and open Install hp8023 printer driver. Click on HP option, and you will get the table with the alternate table.
  • Enter your product name on the text box and click Next option. Click on Finished option in the message window.
  • Connect the USB cable to both the devices and get the installation window.
  • Close it using the X mark on the screen.

123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Driver Install For Windows

  • Fix your printer parts and paper and turn on. And, turn on the Mac device.
  • Avail the internet connection for both devices through Ethernet, USB, or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Confirm the internet connection provided for the devices by verifying the notification column. It will show the message “connected”.
  • If you discover the problem in connecting the network to the machine, figure out the connection issue and fix it.
  • You can proceed further only after getting an internet connection. If you don’t know where you need to download the driver, here is the help.
  • Call our technician or move to the HP printer driver page. In the search column, put your printer model number and get the driver that supports your ojpro8023 printer function.
  • Clicking on the Submit button will redirect you to the driver page which has a list of available drivers.
  • Take the driver software that fit your printer. Hit the Download button and wait for the driver to download and install on the computer.

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HP Officejet Printer Important Models

123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Ink Cartridge Installation

Ink Cartridge Installation

  • For any kind of users whether it is a beginner or experienced, this section is the free guide to start with ink cartridge installation.
  • Confirm the printer is in ON state with papers installed on it. Remove the printer’s lid as it covers hp officejet pro 8023 printer inner parts.
  • If you are attempting to clear the old ink cartridge before inserting the new cartridge, remove the straps on the new cartridge.
  • Unlock the lever lock to pull hp ojpro8023 ink cartridges out from the respective slots. Then, take the new cartridge parcel and bring out the new cartridge form it.
  • Every new ink cartridges from HP will have the protective seal to safeguard the print head.
  • Take away that protective tape and hold the ink cartridge on the sides.
  • Copper contacts and electrical contacts are the places where you should not touch or wipe.
  • It will disrupt the current supply to the ink cartridge which will lead to malfunctioning.
  • If you are going to use the ink cartridges that are purchased long back, check the consistency of the ink inside the cartridges.
  • The ink cartridge with dried ink will never work with any HP Printer models. So, avoid using the ink cartridge with dry ink.
  • Last but not least, use only HP ink cartridges in the printer. The usage of other brand ink cartridges does not guarantee the expected quality.

123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Wireless Mobile Printing

  • The user can print from their Smartphone with two available easy steps. The two methods are connecting via Wi-Fi and OTG.
  • For both methods, the Smartphone should have any one of the apps such as Google Cloud Print, Mobile Print-PrinterShare, and Printer 2 go.
  • If you are not aware of which app will support the printing, you can choose the app depending on the printer specification.
  • Here are the steps for printing through the Mobile Print app. First, connect your device through any of the nearby Wi-Fi.
  • The chosen Wi-Fi should be password protected. Connect the devices to the Wi-Fi network and put the password in the password field when prompted.
  • Then, install the Mobile Print app from the app store. Open the app from your mobile, and choose Continue to allow the app to run on the mobile.
  • Now, you should go for Select option to prick the printer. From the options displayed, choose one option which is suitable for your sprint task. Grant permission to print via mobile.

123.hp.com/setup wireless install

123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Wireless Setup
Wireless Printer Setup For Windows
  • Refer to this section when you stuck with the process wireless setup for Windows computer.
  • The service accuracy is better when the wireless connection is the connection method.
  • The Wireless Setup Wizard is a convenient way to connect the wireless network.
  • Wireless Setup Wizard connection needs the help of SSID, network password, computer, and printer.
  • The devices included in the process should stay active if they are not active already.
  • The printer cannot detect the Wi-Fi network if it has any USB or Ethernet cables connected to it.
  • Once done, view the printer control panel. And, hit the Setup, Wireless, or Network option.
  • Click the Wireless Setup Wizard option and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If the printer has a physical WPS button, push the button to introduce connection type.
  • Press and sustain the Wireless button on the printer control panel. Hold the button until the wireless light blinks or glows.
Wireless Printer Setup For MAC
  • Most users opt for a wireless connection method since it does not require much money or time.
  • The foremost step is selecting the router which delivers network range with high-speed.
  • The built-in control in the printer will allow you to select the Wi-Fi network. Type in the network name and password of the Wi-Fi router.
  • Every HP printer connects to Wi-Fi network which is passcode protected. The successive step is installing the CD on your Mac device.
  • Grant permission for the software on the CD to shift on the computer. If the CD method does not work out, downloading from the driver page is the next move.
  • Hit the System Preferences option from the device. Move to the control panel for selecting the Print & Fax option from the hardware column.
  • Expand the plus icon on the control panel. Once expanded, you will get the pop-up window.
  • From that window, choose the IP tab. The protocol list will have Internet Protocol IPP. Choose it from the list.
  • To finish the wireless setup, enter the printer IP address and queue name.

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123 HP Officejet Pro 8023 Troubleshooting

Printer issue after Windows 10 update

  • Once the computer completed its update, reboot the Windows computer. Click the restart option from the computer.
  • Move forward to check the compatibility of the Windows 10 with the computer if the issue continues.
  • In such cases, you need to fetch the Microsoft printing troubleshooter. From the Microsoft store, download the Microsoft Windows Troubleshooters.
  • It will diagnose the issue by running some diagnostic program piece on the computer.
  • If the issue is under the scope of the diagnostic program, it will solve the problem automatically. If not, jump to the next resolving step.
  • The problem may be with the HP Printing software. So, do the necessary to uninstall the software from the computer.
  • Instead of the old software, download the new HP Printing software on the specified computer.
  • Before installing the HP Printing software, check out whether the available software collides with the Windows 10 OS.
  • If the HP Solution Center stopped working, you can download it again for doing the printer related task.
  • If the issue is with HP Printer Assistant, you need to setup the program on the computer again.
  • Sometime, the HP Printer Assistant may not open even after reinstalling. In such scenarios, go the Devices and Printers option. And, check if the printer is in the available device list.

Network Scanner Connection Error

  • The network scanner connection error comes into picture when the computer or the printer is not able to locate the scanner of the device.
  • It is the indication of the connection failure between the device and scanner software or scanner itself.
  • There are varieties of error messages that display on the screen regarding the scan failure.
  • First, you need to make sure that if the is related to the printing end. If the issue completely is in the scan end, you can proceed with the below guidelines.
  • For wireless connection issues, check the network settings and router.
  • On the other hand, if the issue is with a wired connection, verify the Ethernet port which has the cable on it.
  • Rectify the loose connection and inspect the working lights on the router, computer, and printer with will solve the error state.
  • All the connection are in place and if the issue seems to be with the scanning process, reboot the devices and manage the scan settings on the driver end.
  • Then, turn off the printer and switch off the computer after closing all the running tabs or programs on it.
  • Set the printer and computer in idle condition for 60 seconds and turn on the devices one by one.
  • Your computer screen may open the HP Printer Assistant or HP Solution Center.
  • From both software, select the document or image and hit Scan option.