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123 HP Envy 5055 printer is versatile with enormous functioning features.hp123 makes a wide range of accessibility among the users with a high state of the comfort zone. Eventually, it helps in maintaining high-speed printing with perfect resolution. Get simple setup instructions from hp envy 5055 driver.

  • 123 hp envy5055 delivers print, scan, and copy with high lab-quality printing. It is easy to configure.
  • Envy 5055 printer initially drags users to stay with efficient access.

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup


123 HP Envy 5055 First Time Printer Setup

Step 1: Unboxing hp envy 5055 printer

  • Initially, unbox hp envy 5055 driver setup Printer from its package.
  • Ensure to remove all the tapes and packaging materials.
  • Gently, discard the thin layer of cover from the control panel.
  • For more information visit 123.hp.com/setup 5055.

Step 2: Installation of Ink Cartridges

  • hp 5055 printer package involves compatible ink cartridges to place in the slots.
  • Unlock the ink access door and put it in hp envy 5055 ink cartridges.
  • Next, you need to lock the cartridges into the slots.
  • Finally, close the ink access door.

Step 3: Load Enough Papers

  • hp envy 5055 printer supports most of the media types. Some are plain paper, HP photo paper, HP Glossy Inkjet Papers and more.
  • Extend the paper tray to mount clean papers in the box.
  • Once you align it, push back the paper tray.

123.hp.com/setup 5055 printer setup

123 HP Envy 5055 Services


Make use of the open-source service called ePrint. This prints the documents that are perfectly sent to hp envy5055 printer’s email address.


AirPrint is a part of printing service for the Apple devices. Install hp envy 5055 AirPrint Plugin service to experience this feature.


Cloud Print is a reliable facility that allows hp envy 5055 printer to print from Cloud Account.


Among the top services of 123.hp/setup printer, 123 HP Print service is the common service used by the users.


Optimize and manage the properties of the Copy quality with the copy settings. You can assess the patterns and print costs.


Visualize your documents or photos from the storage using envy 5055 Scan option. Do it once and use it for the future.

123 HP Envy 5055 Driver Installation

123 HP Envy 5055 Printer Driver Installation

  • For hp5055 driver installation, your printer should meet a certain condition.
  • HP Envy 5055 printer and computer need internet access to connect with the same network.
  • Next, you need to tether hp5055 printer and computer to the network connection.
  • Reach the site 123.hp.com/envy5055 for the latest drivers.
  • HP Easy Start will get downloaded on the computer as a part of the driver download step.
  • It will compress all the features for 123 setup printer which involves basic print functions.
  • You will get the indication once the Easy Start completes the driver installation.
  • With the help of the installer, install the necessary HP Envy 5055 driver.

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hp123.com How to Print Documents

Printing status report

  • Either you can use envy5055 printer control panel or HP Solution Center for printing the report.
  • From the control panel, hit the Setup option. Then, make use of the Right button to open the Print Report.
  • Once again choose the same button to view hp envy 5055 Printer Status Report.
  • After the selection made, your hp envy 5055 printer will print the Status Report with details.

Cartridge Alignment

  • hp envy 5055 ink cartridges in the supported position for faultless printing.
  • Next, locate the Setup option from the control panel to align the printer.
  • Check the Tools option to select the Align hp5055 Printer option.
  • It will automatically calibrate the printhead and prints the alignment page.
  • Get information about cartridge alignment in 123.hp.com/envy5055.

How to print using HP Envy 5055

When there is a connection between the computer and hp envy5055, you can print any media files.123.hp.com/envy5055 printer requires calibration in the preferences and settings for flawless quality.

  • Keep your document ready and do the necessary changes for the best results.
  • The settings can apply to text font, size, layout, and appearance.
  • Open the app, select the File option, and Print.
  • For more precise settings, click Printer Properties or Preferences.
  • For your print job, settings may vary with the names.
  • Edit the quality and color settings to get reliable printing results.

How to set up an HP Envy 5055 printer on your wireless network?

  • Firstly, power on the Wireless-Capable computer and hp envy 5055 printer.
  • Next, refresh the network option to get the list of the available network in the region.
  • Choose the known network connection to configure and enter the password.
  • If the password is correct, you will get the connection instantly.
  • Or else, reboot the device and try connecting once more.
  • Now, you can move to download hp envy 5055 driver for hp envy5055.
  • The complete information is available at 123.hp.com/envy5055.
123 HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup
HP Envy 5055 wireless printer setup
  • hp envy 5055 wireless setup expects to satisfy certain criteria to connect.
  • Avail the passcode for the renowned home network.
  • HP Smart app will allow you to connect the network with the Windows 10 or Mac OS.
  • Press the power button of 123.hp.com/envy5055 printer and computer that you want to connect.
  • Recheck that both the devices are in the same local network.
  • After colliding the devices, install the HP Smart App.
  • Once you complete the installation, accept the terms and conditions to proceed further.
  • Next, search for the Plus sign in the App and choose Add hp envy 5055 Printer option.
  • Then, select Set Up and Add a New Printer option and continue with the on-screen instructions.
  • At last, your 123 hp printer is now ready to use with the wireless setup.
Wi-Fi Direct On 123 HP Envy 5055
  • Wi-Fi Direct option is merely a cakewalk for setting up hp envy 5055 printer.
  • HP Envy 5055 is a Wi-Fi enabled the device to connect with any smart device of your choice.
  • The printer control panel will have the specific option for Wireless hp envy 5055 setup.
  • Then, tap to utilize the Wi-Fi option on the printer and avail Settings option for managing.
  • This setting permits five devices to connect with the printer via Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • Not only with the computer but can also connect with the smart devices that use the Wi-Fi feature.
  • Consequently, hp envy 5055 printer will align with the network when you click on it.
HP Envy 5055 Web Services
  • The printer requires the activation of Web Services for using Mobile Printing Solutions.
  • Prepare the printer with an active internet connection. Then let the printer to take up the routine 123 hp setup 5055.
  • On the printer control panel, you can see the Web Services. This can be effectively activated using the Embedded Web Service.
  • 123.hp.com/envy5055 printer setup option is available for activating the Web Services. Then, tap to Continue for the completion of the Web Service activation.
  • To confirm the activation of the Web Services, hp envy 5055 printer user can check the test page for Web Service.
  • Here, we have completed the Web Services enabling steps.
How to Remove Web Services
  • When we do not need certain services on hp envy 5055 printer, we can remove or turn off the service.
  • This service is for using the Wireless Mobile Printing Services.
  • Now, we can dig deep into the deactivation of Web Services.
  • Here are the guidelines for the removal of Web Services.
  • Go to the Web Services tab and get the disable page.
  • In the layout, check the remove option.
  • Make a move to touch it and disable the Web Services.

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123 HP Envy 5055 Troubleshooting

HP Envy 5055 Ink Cartridge Issue and Solution

  • If the print quality is not as expected, check the quality of the ink present in the cartridge.
  • The dry ink prevents hp envy 5055 printer from printing the documents or copying.
  • Before you load the cartridge, check the ink cartridge for any damage.
  • Buy reliable hp envy 5055 printer ink cartridges only from the genuine vendors.
  • Load all the slots with ink cartridges in the printer. Leaving any slot empty may lead to the malfunctioning of the printer.
  • Improper hp 5055 ink cartridge insertion will also resist the printer from printing.
  • At last, cross verify the color on the cartridge and also on the slot.

HP envy 5055 Printer is Offline for Windows and Mac

  • 123.hp.com/envy5055 printer Offline error occurs, if the connection is not well,
  • The sleep mode may put hp5055 printer to an idle state. The printer cannot wake from the sleep mode automatically.
  • Hence, pressing the power button of 123.hp.com/envy5055 printer will stimulate the hp printer.
  • Take printouts of the test page to gauge the quality.
  • If still, the printer is not able to print, you can try out other steps.
  • Check your network connectivity between the devices.
  • Try connecting using hp envy 5055 USB cable, if the Wi-Fi connection fails on the 123 hp envy printer.

HP Envy 5055 Troubleshooting Clear Paper Jam

  • Loosely arranged or fed paper may create a paper jam error on the hp envy 5055.
  • First, clear the paper by pulling the tray.
  • If you do not remove the paper, it will create a serious problem on the printer.
  • But, do not touch the stuck paper. It may affect the printer parts while pulling the paper.
  • Make use of the flashlight to access the rear end of the printer where the paper is stuck.
  • Remember that your printer should stay idle when you work on jammed paper.
  • Do not access the interior parts when the printer is active.
  • Finally, verify the parts for any paper or objects between the printer parts.

Printer is not available during Driver Setup for Windows and Mac

  • The first step is removing the power cord from the wall outlet. Then reconnect the cables.
  • To remove the possible issues, you need to clear the corrupted driver folder.
  • Uninstall hp envy5055 printer using the Programs and Features or Programs option.
  • Next, install the new 123 hp 5055 envy driver.
  • Make sure the new hp envy 5055 printer driver is compatible with the operating device.
  • Visit 123.hp.com/setup 5055 to know more about drivers.