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123 HP Envy Photo 6220 Driver Setup - 123.hp.com/envy6220

123 HP Envy photo 6220 Driver Setup setup install wireless driver

HP Envy Photo 6220 printer is one among the common model of Envy Photo printers. These printers are effectively designed in such a way that hp Envy Photo 6220 driver printers are more commonly chosen for use by the people from different areas of work. The work size varies from people to people and it mainly depends on the size of the work area. It can support all the works in a small home-office and also a small office.

  • The operations and functionalities of this printer comprise all the basic functions support that would exist in a normal printer along with some extra add-ons.

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup


123 HP Envy 6220 First Time Printer Setup

Step 1: Unboxing the printer

  • Before the printer package is torn away, make sure that the pack is undamaged and safe enough.
  • Then, remove all the safety wrappers and tapes upon the pack completely.

Step 2: Installation of Ink Cartridges

  • After the power cords are put in right ports on 123.hp.com/envy6220 printer, open the cartridge carriage.
  • Get the ink cartridges ready for the installation and then insert it in its respective slots and lock them in.

Step 3: Load Enough Papers

  • Now, open the input tray to load it with the necessary sheets to carry out the print and other jobs assigned to 123.hp.com/setup 6220 printer.
  • Then, place the required number of sheets of papers on the tray and also make sure that the papers are clean and crush free.

123.hp.com/setup 6220 printer setup

123 HP Envy 6220 Services


Google and other email services allow the users to use and perform their jobs on their printerby assigning them through the email sent to the printer directly.


Airprint is a feature available especially for the Apple mobile devices as an option which can be enabled if needed and the printer jobs can be sent to the printer through it.


The prevailing service that incorporates the Google’s Cloud services on the mobile device to use the printer and perform various tasks is the Cloud Print.


Printing a document, photo or an email and web page with the exact particulars and the best possible quality is the main and most important feature to be held by any printer.


Any papered and original documents can be taken a copy of using the printer which has the ability to scan and can be scanned and printed as a copy.


The scanner glass in the printer assists its users to scan and save the original papered document as a file onto the connected computer automatically without the command of the user.

123 HP Envy 6220 Driver Installation

123 HP Envy Photo 6220 Driver Install For Windows

To install the driver software for your HP Envy Photo 6220 printer on your Windows computer, follow the steps given below:

  • Just before the process of installing the printer firmware for your printer is been started, make sure that the connections and the setups for theprinter is been done right.
  • The printer is made to work flawless when the power supply is continuous and so the cables and the power cords must be checked and the connections must be proper.
  • Now, after the checks are made, turn on the printer, computer and the router which is responsible for the internet connection.
  • Then, open the browser and get into the official HP site. Here, select the model range of your printer as 123.hp.com/envy6220 printer.
  • The web site would display the list of hp Envy Photo 6220 driver software packages available for your printer along with the assorted features for your HP Envy Photo 6220 printer.
  • Choose one from the list to download and install it in your Windows computer and follow the on screen instructions for further guidance and complete the process.

123 HP Envy Photo 6220 Driver Install For Mac

To install the driver software for your HP Envy Photo 6220 printer on your Mac computer, follow the procedure as explained before:

  • Before the process of installing the HP Envy photo 6220 driver software for your printer is initiated, make sure that the printer is done right with the proper connections and setups.
  • Also, make sure of the internet connections provided by the router and connect the Mac computer to the internet connection.
  • Then, turn on your HP printer device, Mac computer and the router and connect the computer with the network of router.
  • Now, open the official HP site and select the printer model as yours 123.hp.com/envy6220  printer.
  • From the list of driver software packages displayed on the site, choose one that would suit your printer model and enhance the printer to some advanced add-on features.
  • Once it is downloaded, install it in your Mac computer and follow the instructions as prompted.
  • Make the necessary setups as prompted on screen and connect the printer with the computer only when prompted and complete this process.

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123 HP Envy 6220 Ink Cartridge Installation

Ink Cartridge Installation

The procedure to install the ink cartridges for the HP Envy Photo 6220 printer is explained as follows:

  • At first, make sure that the setup and the connections for the printer are made appropriate and the power supply is good enough.
  • Also, make sure if the other necessary particulars and installations or setups are done perfectly so that printer will not have to face any issues.
  • Then, turn on 123.hp.com/envy6220 printer device and wait for it to get into the idle state.
  • Now, open the ink cartridges carriage section and check if it is free from the tapes and guarding sheets.
  • Now, take the ink cartridges out from the package and snap off the tab over it that holds the wrappers and tapes together.
  • After the wrappers and bindings over the ink cartridge are removed, take off the orange tab that is protecting the nozzle of the cartridge from dripping out by twisting it counter clockwise.
  • Then, bend the tab on the sides of the cartridge to the specified limit. Hold the cartridge in such a way that the ink from the cartridge does not leak or spill when the copper contacts are touched.
  • Then, insert the cartridge into the respective slots of appropriate color with the front facet of the cartridge put inside the slot.
  • Lock the cartridge in the slot using the bent tab and follow this for all other cartridges and then close the ink cartridge carriage.

123 HP Envy 6220 Wireless Mobile Printing

To incorporate the various mobile printing solutions in your HP Envy Photo 6220 printer device, follow the procedure explained below:

  • As an initially introduced feature, ePrint can be setup simply by turning on the ePrint feature on the printer control panel or the Embedded Web Server on the browser.
  • On enabling them, printer will print a sheet that holds all the details about the printer. The print job can be sent directly to the printer through its email address that is mentioned in the setup information page that was printed earlier.
  • To setup the Cloud Print feature on the printer, register your mobile device to the Google’s Cloud service and send the print job directly to the printer from the Google’s cloud.
  • The Airprint can be added on your 123.hp.com/setup 6220 printer from the Apple mobile device where the Airprint feature must be turned on.

123.hp.com/setup wireless install

123 HP Envy 6220 Wireless Setup
Envy 6220 Wireless Printer Setup For Windows

To setup the wireless network connection for the HP Envy Photo 6220 printer through your Windows computer, follow the procedure explained below:

  • Before the process of setting up the wireless network connection for the HP printer device that is connected to the Windows computer, make sure that theprinter device, Windows computer and the router are turned on.
  • Also, ensure the network connection of computer from the router and check if the printer is connected to the internet connection through the Ethernet cable, detach it immediately.
  • Now, open the wireless Network Setup Wizard on the Printer Control Panel of your 123.hp.com/envy6220 printer device.
  • This wizard would display you the list of wireless network available in the vicinity of the printer. From that list displayed, choose the network provided by the router.
  • Follow the instructions to proceed further and connect the printer with the network. Also, ensure the chosen network is not a guest or host network.
  • If the panel prompts you to authenticate the network on the printer, do it with the help of set password on the router.
Envy 6220 Wireless Printer Setup For MAC

To connect your HP printer device with the wireless network connection through the Mac computer, follow the procedure as explained below:

  • Before you commence the process of setting up the wireless network for your printer device from the wireless router, make sure that the initial setups and connections are done as per the constraints.
  • Then, turn on the power supply for the printer device, Mac computer and the router and, connect the computer with the network.
  • Also, check if the printer works fine before starting the process and remove the Ethernet cable if any.
  • Now, on the printer control panel of theprinter, open the Network Setup Wizard that displays a list of wireless networks in the printer’s surrounding.
  • Select the wireless network that is in the vicinity of the printer and the network are from your 123.hp.com/envy6220 wireless router.
  • When the wireless network is been successfully setup on the HP printer device, the wireless status indicator is lit.

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123 HP Envy 6220 Troubleshooting

Printer is Offline for Windows and Mac

There might be times when the printer goes offline and cannot be found active on your Windows or the Mac computer. Here are methods to solve this issue.

  • If you come across this issue, at first turn off your printer, connected computer and the router.
  • Also, check if the power supply to your 123.hp.com/envy6220 printer and computer are continuous and the power cords are properly connected.
  • Then, check if the printer name is connected to the computer and it is registered well. Also check if the list of devices and printers itemizes your printer name.
  • If the printer name is found on the list, restart your printer. If it is found then, right click on the printer name and select the option Make as Default printer.
  • If the printer is connected to the network through a wireless connection, then check the connectivity of 123.hp.com/setup 6220 printer.
  • If the prompt to update the driver firmware installed on your computer, then update it immediately.
  • On trying all the methods, check if your printer name is displayed active and is available online. If it is, then the issue has been resolved.

Printer not found during Driver Setup for Windows and Mac

When your printer goes missing during the driver setup for your printer on your Windows or the Mac computer, then follow the alternate methods given below:

  • When you at first get through this problem, turn off your 123.hp.com/setup 6220 printer.
  • Also check if the power cable for your printer is connected to proper power supply at the good socket.
  • Remove the blocks or hindrance on the power supply lines to set right the power supply to an inexorable connection which is the main need.
  • To revive its setups back, shut down your windows or the MAC computer only after you close all the applications and software that are running on your computer for the computer.
  • Later, switch on your computer and your 123.hp.com/envy6220 Printer.
  • Get it all done with the obligatory checks and actions to connect your printer to the network – wired or wireless.
  • Afterevery method mentioned above to resolve this issue has been tried, try to install the driver software for your 123.hp.com/envy6220 printer.
  • If your 123.hp.com/envy6220 printer is found on the list of devices and printers, then the issue has been solved.