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123 HP Envy 7645 Printer Setup

123.hp.com/envy7645 setup install wireless driver

123 HP Envy 7645 Printer is the best printer for this price. It is an e-all-in-one device has many astounding features and gives a wholesome benefit by not burning the pocket of the users and giving the best investment for the money spent. It is a portable printer that can be used for home and office use.

  • It is a budget-friendly wireless printer that comes with wireless features and can be used by ePrint, Airprint etc depending on the user’s needs.
  • Browse 123.hp.com/envy7645 printer set up support to find the guidelines that will be an aid to configure the device.

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup


123 HP Envy 7645 First Time Printer Setup

Step 1: Unboxing the printer

  • The first process of setting up the printer is unboxing the printer. Tear open the flaps and gently remove the device.
  • Get rid of the plastic covers, Styrofoam that has been used to protect the device during transportation.

Step 2: Installation of Ink Cartridges

  • Remove the HP ink cartridges from the box. When handling them, be careful by holding it on both sides.
  • Click the ink cartridge access door to install the cartridge in the correct slot of the device. Now, follow the steps given below to load papers.

Step 3: Load Enough Papers

  • Pull the input tray of 123.hp.com/envy7645 Printer. Take the required amount of paper with the appropriate size for loading.
  • Situate them on the tray and adjust the paper guides such that it fits the paper properly. Open the input tray of the printer.

123.hp.com/setup 7645 printer setup

123 HP Envy 7645 Services


ePrint is a wireless feature that permits users to transfer files through mail from their primary device.


People with devices that have iOS software should use the Airprint option. Register the printer on the website and sent the files for printing via e-mail.


People with a Google account can use the cloud print. The printer can access the files from the cloud storage to print files.


The main reason that the printer is purchased is for the printing. Tweak the printer property setting to take quality printouts.


The copy function is used to make a duplicate. It is made easy by typing in the necessary number of outputs needed.


The device has a flatbed scanner that can be used for copying and scanning files. You can also change the scan settings.

123 HP Envy 7645 Driver Installation

123 HP Envy 7645 Driver Install For Windows

Follow the steps for printer driver download and installation on the Windows for the printer device.

  • Before installing, take the CD/DVD that was given with the printer.
  • Open the CD port in your computer and insert it. Follow the steps to set up the printer for 123.hp.com/setup 7645 Printer device.
  • Be sure to install the HP printer software that is applicable for the Windows requirements. Go to the HP page and search for the correct printer driver download.
  • Find the name of the printer by typing it in the devices tab and software download the printer driver. Once it is downloaded, make the necessary changes in the settings.
  • Click the download folder on the system and choose the printer driver download file. Right-click and run the installation. Wait for a few minutes for the software download to be completely installed.
  • After the printer driver download is installed, select a file for printing and tweak the printer properties. Opt for the print option and to get the correct output from the printer.

123 HP Envy 7645 Driver Install For Mac

In the Mac computer, follow the steps for this software download installation of the driver:

  • Search the HP site for the software download of the printer driver file. Ensure that it is compatible with the OS.
  • Double-check to see if the Apple software is updated on the system. If it isn’t, open the website to software download and install the upgraded version.
  • In the computer, open the printers and scanners option. If the printer is not available in the list of devices, make sure to manually add it.
  • Choose print using menu and select the applicable printer from the list. Follow the succeeding steps for software printer driver to be downloaded fully.
  • When installing, there could be a prompt to connect the USB cable. Connect it and go through the steps on screen to finish the installation.
  • After the driver installation is complete, choose the file for printing. Tweak the printer properties and send the file for printing.

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123 HP Envy Printer Models

123 HP Envy 7645 Ink Cartridge Installation

Ink Cartridge Installation

Follow the steps given to help with installing the ink cartridge of the 123 HP Envy 7645 Printer:

  • Open the ink cartridge access door to install the ink cartridges. Make sure to check the slots for any packaging wrappers and get rid of them.
  • Take the ink cartridges and dispose the covers before loading it into 123.hp.com/setup 7645 Printer.
  • Ensure the connectivity between the printer and computer so that it does not get interrupted.
  • Tear the protective packaging to take out the ink cartridge. Do not touch the ink nozzles and install in the correct slots.
  • Install the ink cartridges into the device and this can be checked by the lock sound which signifies that the cartridges are installed properly.
  • To replace the old ink cartridges, purchase new HP ink cartridges. Follow the steps to help with replacing the old ink cartridges.
  • Remove the old ink cartridges from the slot and place the new ink cartridges. Follow the steps to load a new ink cartridge.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door and be sure that the ink cartridges are fixed securely. Take a sample print as this will allow us to understand if the ink cartridge has been installed successfully.

123 HP Envy 7645 Wireless Mobile Printing

  • Check the status of the device by tapping the wireless option on the printer’s control panel.
  • The device has a lot of mobile services. These services allow printing and other functions to be possible. Make the necessary alterations in the network settings.
  • There are different settings in the mobile device that can be used to switch on the mobile printing feature and make it compatible with the device.
  • Once the mobile printing application is connected to the printer, computer and mobile device, link the wireless network and go ahead with printing.
  • After the devices are connected to the network, make the necessary changes to pair it with the mobile printing application. Connect 123.hp.com/envy7645 printer to the network.

123.hp.com/setup wireless install

HP Envy Printer Models

123 HP Envy 7645 Wireless Setup
Wireless Printer Setup For Windows

HP wireless printer setup is done by connecting the Windows device to the 123 HP Envy 7645 Printer, so follow the steps given below.

  • Switch on the device and connect it to the system before continuing with the HP wireless printer setup.
  • Tweak the network settings and note down the network’s name and password to authenticate the network connection of the printer.
  • Check the USB or wired connection between the system and printer. If there is anything as such, detach them and keep it away.
  • Browse 123 hp setup envy7645 website and download the necessary HP printer software and install it in the system. Once the installation is finished, the HP wireless printer setup has been almost completed.
  • Tap the wireless set up wizard that is on the printer control panel. A list of an available network in the area will be displayed.
  • Find the correct network and type in the password to connect the device to it.
Wireless Printer Setup For MAC

The steps given will help in configuring the HP wireless printer setup on the Mac computer for this device.

  • Before configuring the HP wireless printer set up, link the system to the device.
  • Find the appropriate name of the wireless network and password before continuing with the wireless printer setup.
  • Make the necessary changes in the network settings for the wireless printer setup. Tweak the network router setting to make it compatible with the configuration.
  • Click the HP Utility printer software and search for the device in the list of devices. If not located, add it to the list.
  • Ensure the compatibility of the OS and go to the Apple menu. Find the availability of 123 hp envy7645 printer from the list of devices connected to the computer.
  • Follow the on-screen steps and make the necessary alterations in the network settings to finish the HP wireless printer set up.

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123 HP Envy 7645 Troubleshooting

Printer is Offline for Windows and Mac

When the device is offline in Windows and Mac, follow the technical guidelines to help in resolving it.

  • First and foremost, switch on the device. Remove the electrical and power cables connected between the system, printer, and router.
  • Click the windows option to find the devices and printers tab, which gives a list of devices. Check that the name of the printer is in it.
  • It is mandatory to save the changes made for the device. This allows users to select the saved option when selecting the printer’s name.
  • Check for the colored or green check mark along the name of the printer. Make the necessary tweaks in the settings to remove and follow the instructions given below.
  • Send a sample file for printing to check whether the checkmarks near the name  the printer are present. From 123.hp.com/setup 7645 printer, select a file for printing.
  • Changes need to be made in the printer properties. Lastly, tap the print option to print files using the device.

Printer not found during Driver Setup for Windows and Mac

During the printer driver setup in Mac or windows system, when the printer is not available, follow the instructions given below.

  • Before continuing with the troubleshooting steps, check the status of the device. Then, remove the power cords connected to the printer and system.
  • This issue occurs due to the power source fluctuation. Follow the subsequent steps to help in solving it.
  • Check the wireless network router’s connection as it is important for the network supply to not be disturbed. It is best to follow the direct power cord connection.
  • Browse the HP site and select the correct printer driver download for the system. Check the suitability and install it in the device.
  • Shut all the applications on the device and computer. Do not open new applications till the problem is solved.
  • Eventually, open the file for printing from the computer. Change the settings in the printer properties and carry on using 123.hp.com/envy7645 Printer.
  • Open the file that has to be printed from the system. Change the settings in the printer properties and go ahead with the printing.