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HP Officejet 4650 Printers are of all-in-one set of gathered form of printer that enhance the users with adequate stuffs through their fascinating features that makes them sturdily comfortable. It eventually makes the users with high performance precision with high grade settings through print, copy, scan, and fax from 123.hp.com/oj4650 Printer respectively.

  • On the other hand, it drags the users with high convincing features for the best performance and affording tactics along the user preferred form.
  • With accordance to this feature; users widely move with great deal of improvising through  123.hp.com/setup 4650 Printers.

Printer Setup

Driver Download

Wireless Setup


123 HP Officejet 4650 First Time Printer Setup

Step 1: Unboxing the printer

  • Initially move with the removal of packages by peeling out the wrappers and other tapes for the initial setup through 123.hp.com/setup Printers.
  • Now, go with the power connectivity, on the power cord and other power supplies over the printers.

Step 2:Installation of Ink Cartridges

  • Now, just hold the ink cartridge preferred by the users to the slot insertions with gentle handling.
  • Finally make sure with the leakages issues with reference to the fixing and other slot adjustments for the effective way of ink cartridge setup through 123.hp.com/setup oj4650 Printers.

Step 3:Load Enough Papers

  • Now, load the enough papers to the paper loading tray with proper adjustments and alignment with reference to the usage.
  • And make sure with the other driver installation with respect to the printer model type for the efficient access of HP Officejet 4650.

123.hp.com/setup 4650 printer setup

123 HP Officejet 4650 Services


HP ePrint brings the users with adequate network affordability of access through the connecting devices along with the other network like email and other connectors.


Airprint enables the users with high efficient get through of network with great deal of support via incredible network.


Cloudprint pull out the tremendous connections through the various connecting devices along with network authorization.


Print is the steadfast feature for the user convenient state of access with high range of resolutions quality for the user expectations.


Copy gives the fair copy of alignment for the effective printing through the HP Printers with reference to the user preferences.


Scan is the effective form of analyzing the selected document to the efficient manner with respect to the user need by placing it on the scanner glass.

HP Officejet 4650Driver Install For Windows

Follow these steps to install the driver for windows:

  • First run with the initial setup on the driver installation on the HP Officejet 4650, with the network status checking along with the password through router connected, if prompt with password.
  • Then move with the power connectivity ensuring with the active and strong connectivity through 123.hp.com/oj4650 Printers respectively. Here this is to ensure with the effective functioning and other purpose while accessing.
  • Now, follow the web page through the web search for the printer model name and related driver options on the computer.
  • On the displayed printers list move with the HP Officejet 4650 drive, and make a download with your system storage respectively.
  • Then at the case of printer available move with the manual providence and go with the installations with the given instructions and guidelines to the printer package.

HP Officejet 4650 Driver Install For Mac

These are the effective steps to install driver for Mac:

  • Initially go with the basic connectivity of network through the status details of network name and type with its router connection along with the password for the high secured functioning.
  • On the further access, move with the closing of tabs which is of usage or simply opened on the window, is to increase the accessing speed.
  • On the web search move with the drive and software installation option for the download of driver with respect to the printer associated.
  • Go with the displayed list of printer driver, select the desired printer name, or else move with the manual settings on the drive download page and make a save on your system.
  • Now, make a download with the driver download option, and move with the guidelines and other instructions to install the driver setup through HP Officejet 4650 respectively.

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123hp printer support

123 HP Officejet pro Printer Models

HP Officejet Printer Important Models

123 HP Officejet 4650Ink Cartridge Installation

Ink Cartridge Installation

Follow these simple steps to go with the ink cartridge installation setup:

  • Initially go with the removal of packed printer setup for the assembling and further with connection to the power cord. Here go with the removal of wrappers and other tapes wounded with it.
  • Further on the next step, run with the power connectivity  123 hp oj4650 printer model for the effective way of printing on to the ends of computer and printers effectively.
  • Now, go with orange cap which is the ink cartridge head, here gently make pull on the door for the cartridge installation with respect to the user preferences.
  • Make a perfect insertion on the provided slot of ink cartridge with preferred color and format of alignment for the better efficiency with accordance to stay away from the leakage issues.
  • On the perfect slot of ink cartridge installation, make a colorful move through 123.hp.com/oj4650 printer with high quality of printing with ultra resolutions.

123 HP Officejet 4650 Wireless Mobile Printing

  • First move with the connectivity to the printers and other following devices for the better accessing on the wireless setup to the mobile without any sort of interruptions while accessing.
  • Now, go with the selection of document or images to be printed via mobile connectivity with respect to the effective connectivity.
  • On your mobile device, move with the wireless printing options for the further proceedings of printing through 123.hp.com/setup 4650 Printers respectively.
  • Now, search for the printer name to be connected with; on the printers list for the easy connectivity purpose. Here go with the selection, followed with the list of display.
  • If the printer name is not available on the list, move with the manual settings for the printer to be connected with the selected document or images which is selected initially to the printer setup.
  • Finally with the print wireless option, the selected data will be printed with reference to the printer connected through support.hp.com/driver  respectively.

123.hp.com/setup wireless install

123 HP Officejet 4650 Wireless Setup
Officejet 4650Wireless Printer Setup For Windows

These are the following steps to enhance the functions on wireless setups for Mac:

  • Initially move with the wireless setup initiations by checking with the network name and type with respect to the password if prompt and access with router status and configurations.
  • Go with further printer connectivity setups initially with the system connected with functions through the options.
  • Get connected with the printer with the simple touch on the wireless option on the HP Officejet 4650 printer model for the better performance and access.
  • This wireless option drags the users with continuity through wireless wizard that initially consist of list of printers with accordance to the user preference and connection with.
  • If the printer model is not found, move with the manual settings with actual predefined keywords for the best connectivity on your 123.hp.com/oj4650 Printers.
  • Eventually this increases the efficiency with simultaneous connection to the WPA settings and if prompt stay with password through HP Officejet 4650 respectively.
Officejet 4650Wireless Printer Setup For MAC

These are the following steps for the wireless printer setup for the windows:

  • First move with the initial setups of network connectivity and other enhancing features through with respect to the starter of setups, through network name and password along with the router and if prompt with password.
  • On the HP Officejet 4650 printers, go with the wireless option and followed with other continues settings over it for the better performances on the selected HP Printers.
  • With accordance to the details move with the wireless wizard setup option with while relaxing a minute to access.
  • Now on the wireless wizard option, it happens to display a list of printers to be connected with for the further process of proceedings on the wireless setup for windows.
  • If the desired printer model is not found on the list displayed, move with the manual setting options with adequate keywords to access fairly.
  • Finally with the selected printer model make a move with print option for the efficient printing technique through 123 hp setup oj4650  effectively.

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123hp printer support
123 HP Officejet 4650Troubleshooting

Printer is Offline for Windows and Mac

These are the steps to run the printer on offline for windows and Mac:

  • Get start with the search on the active state of network of user need and simultaneously with the network name and password, through the desired router name and password if prompt.
  • Now, check with the other connectivity over power connections and other connectivity through the analysis of their active state with reference to the user connected printers setup.
  • Now, move with the web search about the printer and move with the printer list on the displayed list.
  • On the web page, move with the print offline mode for the high access of efficient printing technique with enough accuracy.
  • On your Windows and Mac settings, move with the firmware option for the offline printer settings and get connected with the desired printer setups through 123.hp.com/setup 4650 printer respectively with the user convenient.

Printer not found during Driver Setup for Windows and Mac

 Follow these steps for the effective step in to the printer not found during the setup for windows and Mac:

  • Start with the initial setups on the printer not found setup through the basic setup of making the network checkup with their active status and followed with the password of the network and with the router details, prompt with password.
  • Now, go with the further accessing steps on the setup procedures by closing the opened and functioning tab over the window of the settings.
  • Now, go with driver page, on the displayed list of printers move with the selection of printer name used and followed up with further process through 123.hp.com/oj4650 Printer.
  • Mean while at the case of printer name is not available on the list displayed on the driver page setup for windows and Mac, go with the printer visibility mode of option for the connectivity of printers to the desired system.
  • It’s all done with the simple procedure of steps through HP Officejet 4650 printer; at the case of printer not found during the driver setup for window and Mac respectively with high range of accessibility.